About us

Betnumberslive.gr is one of the few free sites on the internet with exclusive offers for live betting. 


Daily, continuous updating of the "In Play Tips" column where you have free access to the best options of the day. All our options are in competitive odds with the aim of immediate or long-term profit. 


Stay tuned to understand for yourself what success rates we are talking about, and you will see that betnumberslive.gr will become your only hangout for live betting offers.  


We wish you good profits. 


Explanation of prediction:  

Live: Minute at which the prediction is given  

HT: Prediction for the First Half  

FT: Prediction for the whole match 

Ο0.5: Over 0.5 

Ο1.5: Over 1.5 

Ο2.5: Over 2.5 

Ο3.5: Over 3.5 

Ο4.5: Over 4.5 

NTS, H: Next team to score, home team  

NTS, A: Next team to score, visitor team 

CORNER O4.5: Over 4.5 Corner 

CORNER O8.5: Over 8.5 Corner